Our Philosophy :::

At Little hands Preschool and Long Day Care we provided a nurturing, creative and inclusive environment where children can feel stimulated and empowered to be involved in new development skills, activities and experiences.

We believe that children are confident, competent and resourceful learners who can learn through play and activity. Our programs are responsive to this and through ongoing observations and evaluations are tailored to each child’s needs, level of development and interests. These programs reflect the principals and practices of the National Early Years Learning Framework and will be accessible and clear for families to read, comment on and offer feedback and suggestions. We also understand the importance of reflective practice to inform decisions and lead to more detailed understandings of our work with Children.

We will establish and maintain a non-sexist, multicultural and anti-bias curriculum that will help children recognize the importance of each individual. Cultural and linguistic diversity is embraced and acknowledged.  We will the inclusion of children with additional needs, working in conjunction with support services and the family.

The team at Little Hands recognizes that communication and collaboration between families and educators is vital to the running of a high quality centre. For this reason we encourage families to be active participators in the life of the centre through sharing cultures, ideas, knowledge, strengths and differences. Additionally, we will support families in their parenting role and share with them information on their behalf to their child’s development.  

As staff, we work in a collaborative way, sharing our knowledge, and providing support to each other in our different roles. We are committed to ongoing training and learning in the childcare policies and practices.

It is our aim to provide a friendly and positive atmosphere where children can feel a sense of fun, belonging and are active contributors to their surrounds. Through our outdoor program and intentional teaching, children will learn a love of nature and respect for the environment. We are committed in continually working towards developing environmentally sustainable practices for our centre.